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Every dog and owner require an evaluation before attending 

private or group sessions.

In this time we meet (In person or virtually) to discuss your problems, define your training goals and

determine the best personalized training plan for your success.

30-45 minutes session


Sleeping puppy

Your location is not a problem,
Online, Distant, Remote Training Sessions

Personalized training programs to help you achieve your goals no matter where you live.

Senior Rottweiler

In person private classes - one on one sessions  Packages available

This is a private controlled setting with owner (family) and dog in an undistracted environment. The best place to start with any dog, including puppies and adults.

All behaviour problems need to be addressed in a private setting,

NOT a multi dog group class

Anything & Everything can be covered;

Dogs & People learn in a private controlled environment much easier with less stress and distraction.

 Learn what is happening, why, and techniques to correct your problems.

Too much stimulation before you know what to do, creates frustration and is an equation for failure, for both dog and owner.  


Starting with a new Puppy?

 Puppies learn and socialize through play. Keep in mind a puppy is a baby puppy up until approximately 16 weeks - 4 months of age.

Knowing these stages and how it impacts the learning

and development will be a key to your training success.

Starting with private one on one sessions

to gain valuable knowledge on;

  what is normal puppy behaviour,

body language and how to read it,

house training - it really is easy!

answers to all the questions

biting, mouthing & nipping,

how to redirect, correct and communicate effectively.

Resource guarding, how to identify it & work through it

Crate training- understanding it,

how to start so your dog will love it

 grooming basics, toenail cutting, handling success 

understanding dog training tools 

all types of collars, leashes, etc

Gain insight on how a young pup develops

in this early stage and beyond

how to share the future behaviour of your dog.


Learn the importance of correct socialization

to avoid future problems with overstimulation

and uncontrollable human and dog encounters.

How to instill boundaries and proper discipline for learning.

The difference of bribe vs. reward

  Lure-based beginnings of sit, down, come and leash training.

Teach your puppy how to engage with you 

How to politely greet people & dogs.

Only then....take your puppy/adolecent to a group class

to advance your skills with the relationship platform you have built.




Puppy in dishwasher

In Person Group Classes

Dog and human impulse control class

Leash Reactivity/Excitablility

 Dog & Human Impulse control class.      Because it is about both of you!

Are you struggling with everyday walking on a leash?

Do you have the basics but you and your dog fall apart when you encounter distraction

and hyper-out-of-control dogs on your walks?

Lunging, pulling, acting out, and you are stressed, worried, and feeling defeated!

Do you need more practice on what to do with yourself i

n these high-stress situations?

Do you want guidance on how to keep things under control?

These classes are geared toward practice in a group setting (maximum 6) in everyday life leash walking settings.

Most classes will be held in public areas

outside dog parks, on a walking trail, in the mall parking lots.

                     You MUST have a minimum of an

                     evaluation to attend these classes.

Maximum of 6 dogs per class

Once a week for 6 weeks $299.00

Prescheduled times-Sign up required

Golden Retriever puppies

Intermediate Basics & Manners (Group Class)

Engagement,  Reward & Correction

Leash Manners – Walking

Teaching sit and down

Working with distraction

Beginning of stay

Release Command

Beginning of Recall

You MUST have been through an evaluation to attend these classes.

For adolescent to adult dogs – Minimum age is 5 months

Maximum of 6 dogs per class

Once a week for 6  weeks 

Prescheduled times - Coming soon

Puppies listening to owner
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