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Personalized training programs to help you achieve your goals no matter where you live.

How Virtual "Online" Private Training Works!

Since COVID we have all turned heavily to online with our computers to stay connected, keep up with knowledge and move forward. Schooling has moved forward by taking webinars and classes all through the Internet. The professional that we seek for help and their knowledge and guidance no longer has a geographical barrier. 

Although this has been around for quite some time, it took Covid to make us aware how effective online learning can be.

Virtual private dog training sessions are very effective. You will get the same knowledge as in person because the communication happens between the trainer and you.

Weather the knowledge is through reading an article, watching a video, or asking questions via text or messenger, its delivery is one in the same.

The difference in a private virtual session is it's tailored to you and your dog and situation. You can get clarity about actual events that you go through how to manage/change them and its done at a very personal level.

Scheduling and availability can be a struggle with a full-time job, busy lives, or shift work. Online sessions can make things easier for less prep time  and no travel. It doesn’t limit you geographically to find the right trainer.

Dogs with behaviour challenges such as travel anxiety, reactivity, aggression, to name a few, can pose a lot of stress on the dog and owner with in person training at first.

Doing things in your own home will help stress levels to be lower, create a safer environment for both you and your dog to learn.

What is the structure of online classes?

All sessions are personally tailored to you. Online sessions are scheduled 1-2 weeks apart with flexibility.

 Indept explanations are covered in conversation, and clear instruction on what changes are to made. Handouts are emailed, demos are done in real time during a class and also  sent through video.   

Are the classes in real time or pre-recorded?

All online classes are in real time via video conference on Microsoft teams or Zoom.

Each session can be recorded and given to you  for playback to remember instruction and demonstration.  

How does online compare to in person classes?

In-person classes can be stressful as people become distracted by their own feeling and humility trying to manage their dog’s behaviour and are unable to focus on demos and explanations of training exercises.

Keeping things under control w/o too much stimulation as you both learn at home helps tremendously in your success.

Can I ask questions if I have them in between classes? 

Yes through messenger or email. You will also send progression updates, and or video between classes as well. That way I can make sure you are doing the techniques right while you train your dog.

How long will it take to make progress in training? 

Depending on what your goals are and how much we need to work on, that will determine a timeline.  You will need time to practice.

Progress and success is entirely up to you. Your dedication and follow through will help you achieve  your goals sooner than later. I will support you and keep you moving forward.

What is the layout of the classes?

The layout is designed to help you achieve your goals. Understanding the problems, prevention, establishing a solid foundation between you and your dog for communication.  Working on problems with teaching new behaviours or learning to avoid problems and incorporation of manners and basics commands along the training path.

Some things to consider

How can you help me if you don’t see my dogs behavioural problems in person?

As a dog trainer with education, knowledge, ongoing learning and years of experience of hands on working with dogs I  have seen majority, if not all behavioral problems, training issues and situations.

For example, your trainer doesn't necessarily need to see what your dog looks like when visitors arrive, and he displays bad door manners with jumping and barking. (Can be captured in real time on video at home)

As an experienced trainer I have seen this a million times, and along with an explanation from you, "your energy" and expression, this will help fill in the gaps along with my questions.

You will also use video which is in real time in your home and how it looks each time the behavior happens. Your dog won't display this the same in a one-on-one person setting as they will at home. Using video to capture your training sessions at home will help with the critiquing and feedback from me.

I understand the concern about whether or not online classes are effective. The reality is that online classes are a more effective format. This is especially true for dogs that exhibit reactive, anxious, fearful, hyperactive, or aggressive behaviour.

 In-person group classes can be overwhelming for dogs that already struggle to adapt to common triggers, like other dogs, people, sounds or even the travel to get to class. 

In-person classes can be stressful as people become distracted by their own feelings, stress and humility trying to manage their dog’s behaviour and are unable to focus on demos and explanations of training exercises.

 Training in the comfort of your own home allows both people and dogs to focus and process information more effectively. Progression of distraction and stimulation can be added once you are at a certain level in your training.

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