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Raising  the  perfect family​ dog, how hard can it be... Right!

A picture is worth a thousand words, but can be so deceitful. 

Pefect family with Dog

It starts out with seeing the pictures and the people with what looks like the perfect family dog. 

Then the thoughts are..

“That's What I want!!  A companion, a best bud, a family member. I need someone to walk, hike and exercise with, and a partner to take everywhere, to hang out and to talk too".  "My children need to learn about dogs, how to be responsible in the care and they should grow up together.” 

All dogs give that no judgment unconditional love that's always just for you. The perfect family photos, all the social media attention because he's so cute. 

Everyone wants a well trained dog.

That provides the perfect picture when someone is thinking about acquiring a puppy or getting a dog of any age to bring into their home as a pet companion.

In truth we need to teach that dog how to live with humans, have manners and some basic obedience because in the dog world amongst themselves, those things are not the same.

We jump in with both feet not really knowing and thinking how hard could it be, starting with a puppy, it will be so much fun. Acquiring an older dog, he just needs love and attention he'll settle in no problem.

In Reality…..

Our internal conversation goes like this.

House training!!  How hard can it be? It should only take a few weeks.

He's so excitable almost to the point of hyperactivity, he seems like he can't control himself, I hope he grows out of it.

All this nipping and biting, He has to grow out of it. Crate training? How cruel!!”

Jumping, pulling, barking, lunging. Stealing food, socks, and chewing up your house! 


Now he's ignoring me, I always have to get his attention with treats, he seems like he doesn't care about me, and he's always running away.

The destructiveness, puppies getting new teeth, older dogs chewing footwear, shredding tissue, digging. why is this happening now I thought it was only with puppies, and I thought they grew out of all this stuff.

Why is my dog growling in certain situations, is that really a growl? He looks kinda of scary.

I sure have a stubborn dog, he doesn't take any crap from anyone, not even me.

My dog seems aggressive, I don't think he would bite, my dog loves me too much he wouldn't bite me or anybody else. He’s just sensitive.

My dog doesn’t like my spouse, or my children, hopefully over time he will warm up to them with enough love.

My dog attacked another dog.My dog has bitten someone!!

I didn't think this was going to be so hard.HELP!!!!

Knowing how to handle these issues and where you can go to get help can be mesmerising, so much information, so many opinions and so much judgement.

What isn't realized is how much work it can be and how you feel and handle yourself around the dog, during the training plays a much bigger factor than you think.

If this resinates with you and you are overwhelmed by your dog, click the button to contact me.

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Dog training myths 

Can you tell which ones are true and not?


1. The shorter the leash the easier to teach the dog to stay close to me when walking.


2. If I don't give my dog a bone, I won't have to worry about resource guarding.


3. Using treats (food) during training will cause my dog to only listen with food.


4. There is no way my dog will learn to like the crate.


5. If I only show my dog love and give him everything without rules or disapline, he will feel safe and love me .


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Dog training isn’t just about your dog. In fact, the most integral part of the training process is you. That’s why I work with you to make sure your training plan fits your lifestyle and is tailored to what you need. With practical and flexible programs, coupled with my education, knowledge & experience, I am here to help you overcome your problems and create a great relationship with your dog.

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