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Training your dog is much more than teaching obedience commands

Perfect family dog

Raising the perfect family dog!

How hard can it be?


Dog crate training

Dog Myths - Do you know what they are?

Take the test.

Can my energy, and my feelings affect my dogs behaviour?

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Angie has educated dog owners in the 10's of thousands for over two decades with training their dogs and overcoming behaviour problems. 

Its not the dog that needs to take training sessions, its the owners, the people.

Learn to understand your dog, 

Jumping, house training, nipping, biting, aggression, fearful, barking, stealing, not listening, etc 

Learn how to create the behaviours you want 

and how to avoid the ones you don't.

Crate training, manners, independence when alone, 

basic commands, etc.

Build foundations with engagement, positive/negative reinforcement and clear communication & expectations.

Dogs can understand what we want them to do and not to do

........but listening can be the problem! 

Her personal life is all about her dogs.

Her professional life is helping people with their dogs and has been a deep passion for Angie since the beginning. No matter what she pursued, the behavioural side of dogs and their people is her happy place!  

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What my clients are saying...

Dog training testimonial

Tanya & Kane

Cane C​orso

As a new dog owner my vet recommended I contact Angie right away. She was super easy to talk to, and I’ve honestly never met anyone so extremely knowledgeable. Her level of patience with not only the dogs, but with her human clients as well… WOW! 

we’ve been doing sessions virtually for 10 months! Angie provides the tools to us, and WE train our dogs. It’s not only work for our doggies but for us as well. 

 With Angie it’s as though nothing is impossible!!

Kimberly & Scarlett

 Golden Doodle

My dog has severe anxiety. We went to Royal K9 to get some help with this issue. Angie was great! She taught us lots of things to try to help Scarlette overcome some of her fears. 

As this is Scarlette's personality it cannot be totally corrected, but we did see a huge improvement. Angie was very blunt and honest, which was what we needed, yet professional. Thanks Angie 

Angela & Genny

 Golden Doodle

We completed private lessons with Angie and they were great, we received such great results. Not only did it help my dog, it has made me more knowledgeable as well. Angie is great at what she does, very professional, and very passionate about dog training. I highly recommend Angie to anyone who is looking for dog training.

Thank you Angie for all your help, it would’ve been next to impossible to train my dog without your guidance

Sarah & Odin


I was feeling frustrated and deflated that we still had ‘issues’ to address. But working with Angie has been like working with a great coach; there’s no judgement but there’s always honest feedback and positive encouragement. After every session I feel more confident and better equipped to succeed. Thank you Angie!!

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